Youth & Family

Our Vision

We create a nurturing and loving experience designed to assist youth in connecting to their God-Self within!

Spiritual education classes are offered for children age 5 to 13 years old during the 11:00 am Sunday Celebration Service.

Curriculum Focus

Creating age-appropriate experiences that:

  • Help the children know they are loved just as they are
  • Explore Jesus as a human being and as a model of Love and Goodness
  • Help the children understand that they too have the spiritual potential to act in ways that bring out their best selves.
  • Help the children see Jesus as a person who had challenges and difficulties, but created a relationship with God that helped him move through those challenges with loving kindness and generosity.
  • Invite the children to explore how they too can let God live through them as an expression of Life, Love, and Kindness.

Sunday lesson format includes Sacred Circle, Story Sharing, Discussion, Creative Experience, Sharing and Closing Blessing with the adults in the church Sanctuary.

At present, UofEL uses the Unity curriculum entitled “All Together Now!” which allows for children of all ages to be in one room together, yet receiving individual attention and instruction which is age-appropriate.

As a spiritual youth community, we provide a safe place of love and acceptance where our children experience the recognition of their oneness with God.

Our purpose is to create programs and experiences that invite the Divine Potential in each individual to grow and expand.  Using the tools of affirmative prayer, All Together Now Curriculum, Meditation, and service, we practice Unity Truth principles as a way of life.

Who We Are

Angeline Green, Coordinator

Angeline Green - Angeline Green has worked with Unity of East Louisville since 2007, when she began as the Nursery Angel, caring for children ages birth to four. A mother of two daughters, she has a background in catering, business, education and holistic birth choices. She currently works as the Business Manager for the Waldorf School of Louisville, where she started as an assistant kindergarten teacher. Some of her interests include traveling, music, writing, cooking, yoga, fitness, spirituality, and meditation. She has a passionate love of children and feels privileged and grateful to be able to work with them in so many capacities. She looks forward to getting to know your children as individuals and being a part of their spiritual journey!

Intreractive Acivities

These following links are provided by Unity of Louisville to offer interactive activities for our youth.

                      Click here for ages 8-11