The Unity of East Louisville Staff and Board of Trustees

2019 Unity of East Louisville Board of Trustees    

For the first time in Unity of East Louisville's existence, we had our first election for new Board of Trustees of Unity of East Louisville on March 17, 2019. This is both a transformative, exciting and yet new path forward for this spiritual community. Is is our greatest desire to welcome all those here. We will be posting our values and mission statement going forth. Please stay tuned for updates. We are a mission centric board and our initial mission centric training can be downloaded here. So as a spirtiual community, we are moving away from Minister Centric to Mission Centric. What is the difference? Well, we are glad you asked. Here is a great link to discover more about the differnces

New Board of Trustee Members as of March 17, 2019. Board members serve for a total of 2 years and then come back up for re-election that time. Alternate board members participate at meetings and all trainings but do not have voting power, unless active board members are not present at a meeting or resign before their term is up. 

Carol Cloud

I was born in Tulsa, Oklahoma, however, I never lived there. My father worked in Venezuela, so that is where I grew up. After the Revolution of 1957 we moved to Florida. I lived there for about 40 years. This is where I started attending Unity churches - first in Clearwater as a teenager, then in Tampa for over 30 years.
I was an RN and worked in the hospital for 35 years. After that I drove a semi with my husband for 14 years. We traveled in all the lower 48 states and visited Alaska and Hawaii. I have also enjoyed travels to Europe, Central America, Cuba and Asia. Since retiring from truck driving, I have worked part time at Kohls and volunteered at Dare to Care. I’ve also done volunteer work at church as a chaplain and working in the bookstore.
Nathan Lynch 
My family and I found Unity of East Louisville purely by accident. Of course, there are no accidents. It was meant that I find my way to this wonderful spiritual community. Although most of my family doesn’t attend Unity of East Louisville, I still love this small congregation and feel that I must give back.
I have been a member of Unity of East Louisville since 2006. During this time I have been an active prayer chaplain since 2016. This has been a fulfilling experience, that I hope has brought comfort and peace to others. 
During the last few years, I have been in charge and assisted in Church Outreach (Repair Affair). A fulfilling and rewarding endeavor that has taught me so much about the human spirit. I have volunteered as webmaster since 2016 and within the last year the church’s social media. With my guidance, we have enhanced our public presence and shown to the world how great Unity of East Louisville is.
I currently have my own web design and promotion company and assist my partner Dawn Middleton with her Creations, website, photography, social media, selling at art shows, and various other duties.  I am both honored and humbled to be one of your Unity of East Louisville Board of Trustees. Thank you for your trust in me.
Cinda Sterns
Fern Creek, Kentucky is the place I grew up and where my four children also had their initial life experiences.  I now am the blessed grandmother of nine grandchildren.  I have always loved being involved with people and early on, I set my life goal to make a positive difference in this world.  
Educationally, I earned a Rank I in Education, Bachelor of Science, which allowed me the freedom to serve as: a teacher to students, a consultant for various school districts across the state including an Educational Cooperative, an administrator at the Kentucky Department of Education and at Bardstown Independent Schools, and a speaker nationally at various conferences.  To continue to grow in my career, I served as a manager at Humana, training leadership development skills to various groups and led a communications team and leadership team that served our clinical organization. Upon my retirement, I was recruited to serve as a part-time consultant for a school district. 
At Unity of East Louisville I have served as an usher, a leader of the ushers and greeters, a chaplain for two years, and volunteered to weekly pick up “donated bakery goods, arrange them for the congregational service, and then deliver the remaining pastries to a church which prepares food for people who are homeless.  I have attended most congregational meetings, verbally asked questions to gain clarity, have attended our yearly potluck dinners, and have participated in most workshops that occur after our Sunday service.
My strengths involve being a team player who is open-minded, who “thinks out of the box,” provides input, and treasures connectedness.  I am a listener, a partner in problem-solving, an encourager, an arranger, an achiever, and assist in maximizing the final decisions.  Working as a team to serve “others” is an honor, a blessing, and results in giving us great, fulfilling joy!
Unity classes I have taken are as follows:  The Course of Miracles, The Unity Basic Principles, The Twelve Powers, and Breaking the Ten Commandments.  Workshops I have attended are Radical Forgiveness, The Christ in Me (Gerry Boylan), and Anger Management (LaVena Wilkin).  I often remain after our congregational service to attend guest speaker workshops.
This partial list of books/authors which provide me insight: Talks on Truth, Lesson in Truth, The Prophet, The Handbook of Prayer, The Four Agreements/ Marianne Williamson, Deepak Chopra, Wayne Dyer, Louise Hay, The Dalai Lama, Unity of East Louisville is a treasured place of spirituality.  We truly embrace the differences in all people, knowing we are all one, and that love, kindness and, friendship are the overriding acts of humankind.  We all are here for a mission and purpose and to gain knowledge and wisdom as we encounter life experiences. 
To serve on the Unity Board of Trustees is an honor.  Thank you. 
Alternate Unity of East Louisville Board Member
Kristin Kelly


After leaving my Catholic roots and discovering the beauty of Unity of East Louisville, I joined our community 3 ½ years ago. As a volunteer at UEL, I have served as Sacred Grounds Coordinator, Prayer Chaplain and Co-Chair of the 2016 Fun Fest. I also volunteered for over a year in the office on a weekly basis and am familiar with a lot of the administration of the church. I currently love teaching and offering A Course in Miracles on a weekly basis.
I received my B.S. in Accounting from Miami University in 1989 and went on to work in the accounting field as a C.P.A for the next 7 years. When my first child was born I had the privilege of choosing to work from home instead. Over the next 17 years, I had numerous volunteer positions outside of the home such as Vice President of the Anchorage School APTA, Chair of the School’s Outreach Committee, Homeroom Mom, Girl Scout leader, Anchorage Children’s Theatre Board member and Lead Coordinator of the First Eucharist Program at the Church of the Epiphany, working with hundreds of children and families over the course of six years.
As my children grew and I began searching for a meaningful career again, I was led to become an ADHD Coach and eventually a Nutritional Health Coach. I received my training from IIN and AADCA, where I studied a variety of dietary theories and practical lifestyle coaching methods. I am also a certified parent to parent (P2P) educator for CHADD.  I currently work part-time and in partnership with Myron Hardesty, medical herbalist and PA-C at Weeds of Eden.  
In addition, in 2017 I felt called to open Kentucky Grace Inner Peace Retreat Center located in Simpsonville, Kentucky. I am the sole proprietor and manager of the facility and offer both Wellness and ACIM retreats. I also rent the property to various organizations and spiritual groups.
I enjoy reading, gardening, cooking, nutrition, biking, skiing, teaching, spending time with family and friends, and most of all prayer, meditation and a conscious awareness of my loving divine Source!
Current existing Unity of Louisville Board of Trustees members. 

LaVena Wilkin
Tracey Adams is not pictured.