Donation Options

Multiple Ways of Giving...

The purpose of the tithe is to acknowledge that God is the source of our good and we are grateful for this good. No matter what the channel of the blessing, God is the source.  Tithes and free-will Love Offerings enable Unity of East Louisville’s ongoing operation. Just as with any organization, revenue is required to “keep the lights on,” pay for the facility, utilities, supplies, professional services, and everything that is purchased. Unity of East LouIsville is very blessed to have a loving and generous congregation! It is because of these tithes and offerings that we can have such a wonderful facility and grounds, professional musicians, special programs, and many events.
Because we all like choices and have our preferences in how we like to make our contributions, several ways have been setup for donating to Unity of East Louisville.
  • Online via Unity of East Louisville Website
  • Check
  • Text Message – Give+ Text
  • Phone App – Give+


To Donate via Online on Unity of East Louisville Website

We have a new process for handling donations on this website that uses “Vanco Online”.  The process works like online shopping.  There are several funds that you can select for your donation. You click on the fund that you want to give to which puts it into a basket (like shopping cart).  You can make one time or schedule automatic recurring payments.  To donate to multiple funds, just select another and it is placed in basket.  After all selections are made, click on the basket to proceed to payment.
View Vanco Online Guide for details.


To Donate by Check

Sending a Check is another way for giving.  If you want to specify the fund for your donation, put one of these (General Fund, Financial Freedom, or Hope and Compassion) in the Memo field.  If no specific request is made, the donation will go to the General fund.
Checks can be mailed to
Unity of East Louisville
740 Old Harrods Creek Road
Louisville, KY 40223

To Donate by Text Message – Give+ Text

Using the Vanco “Give+ Text” system, you can donate from your smart phone by sending a text with the dollar amount to 844-558-0521.  Gifts can be one time now or regularly scheduled.  Also, specific funds can be designated.
Watch this Give+Text video.
View Give+ Text Quick Reference Guide for explanation of the process.
View Give+ Text Keywords for further help.

To Donate by Phone App – Give+

For those that like to use apps on their phone, there is a “Vanco Give+” app that can be downloaded from Apple App Store or Google Play store.  It provides another means of donating from your phone.  The app is also referred to as Give+ Church, Give+ Finance, and Give+ Mobile.
Watch this Give+ video.