Please Support our Partners in our Outreach program:
Crosby Middle Mascot

Our Outreach Committee is holding a Winter Drive for Crosby Midde School.

What is needed:

Colors: Solid Black, navy, white
Sizes: Adult small - extra large

Please place in the box on the stage at Unity of East Louisville. Last day to donate is February 5th!

EACM logo

    EACM updates.  Food donations are always needed.   Click here for more information    


We  can always use supplies for our students. Please see below.

Items Needed: 

Markers (washable)  
3 ring binders  
Pencil pouches  
Loose-leaf paper  

Drop off: 1015 Dorsey Lane  


Maryhurst Front Desk Volunteers Needed

Maryhurst is currently looking for volunteers to fill shifts covering the front desk duties. Responsibilities would include answering the phones, greeting visitors, and accepting packages. The shifts would be from 9-4. If there are enough volunteers, the shifts may be reduced. Training will be provided.

If interested, you can contact Shelby Allen at 502-909-4690 or sallen@maryhurst.org


Peaceful Cities logo

We are honored to support and be a part of the Resonant Peaceful Cities Project.  We believe we can all help bring peace to our city, country, and the world through concerted efforts at attesting peace.  Please read their mission below.

"The Resonant Peaceful Cities Project is a collection of research projects designed to determine how many trained meditators creating a “coherent state” in their bodies and then focusing peaceful intention outwardly can measurably reduce local violence.  Dozens of prior research studies suggest that focused peaceful intention has real-world impact.  The Resonant Peaceful Cities Project is replicating that research to offer further validation of such work and raise awareness that ordinary individuals have the opportunity to “vote with their hearts” to see more of the peace they want to see in the world."



Black Owned Businesses image

Join us as Louisville celebrates black owned businesses. Black individuals are 23% of Louisville's population and 2% of the city's business owners. In the spirit of oneness central to our faith, we invite our friends and congregants to join us in visiting and supporting black owned businesses.

For a directory click the link below:

Directory of Black Owned Businesses


Peace 2030

In 1986, when the United Nations Children's Fund sent a peace torch relay around the planet during The First Earth Run, an amazing thing happened - all wars stopped for 85 days in the countries that received the torch as the world was riveted by this unifying event.

Intrigued? Want to know more?  Click here.
You will learn how to form a team and engage the actions to create more peace within yourself, in your community and in the world.