Peaceful Cities Results

Louisville Peaceful Cities Project

Louisville was very honored to support and be a part of the Resonant Peaceful Cities Project.  We believed we could all help bring peace to our city, country, and the world through concerted efforts at attesting peace.  

The resulting data indicates we may have achieved some benefit.  Look at the links below to see how the Project did in Louisville and it two other cities. The video link briefly discusses the results of the Project in Schenectady and Albany New York and then focuses on Louisville.  We think you'll find the data interesting:


Video of Bethany and Dr. Karin Reinhold of the State University of New York in Albany discussing Project results:

Click here to see the video of Bethany and Dr. Reinhold


Dr. Reinhold also wrote a paper concerning the Louisville results.  The link is below:

Click here to view Dr. Reinhold's paper