Sunday Services

Breathing idea


Services at Unity of East Louisville 740 Old Harrods Creek Road
Prayer Chaplains are available for individual prayer needs before and after each Sunday Service.
Please look for those in purple shawls!
Our services are In-Person in our church home at 11:00 am on Sunday, or,
If you can't be there, you can attend virtually.
To watch online at event time or later,
click Livestream in the upper right corner of this site's Homepage.
March 3 at 11:00 AM    Theme: Order   Speaker: Raamesie   Topic: Living in Harmony  Musician: Don 
Synopsis:  We align our thoughts feelings and actions with universal principles and laws bringing harmony into our life.

March 10 at 11:00 AM    Theme: Will   Speaker: Rev Val  Topic: Move into Action  Musician: Bill Clark
    Synopsis:  We use our will to choose, decide, or direct all of our facilities into action being the best person I can be.


March 17 at 11:00 AM    Theme: Imagination   Speaker: Kathy  Topic: Creative Joy  Musician: DiMatos 
Synopsis: Our creativity is the key to living in joy. Our imagination takes us from formless to form.


March 24 at 11:00 AM    Theme: Palm Sunday - Zeal  Speaker: Rev Val   Topic: Riding in on Peace and Humility       Musicians:  Them Calloways  
Synopsis: Jesus rode in on a donkey, the symbol of peace and humility instead of war and aggression. He knew the future and accepted his path. He rode in letting go and creating a light on the path for all to follow.


March 31  at 11:00 AM    Theme: Easter - Life   Speaker: Rev Val and Rev. Gwen  Topic: Rise Up: Living in Oneness    Musicians:  Griffytown 
Synopsis: As we claim our Divine Nature and Powers we Rise Up and move from our higher consciousness. We are guided by the infinite wisdom from within and call be that is our Truth.


For those that cannot attend in-person, you can participate virtually by clicking Livestream in the upper right corner at 11:00 on Sunday.  When the live session starts, it will be the most recent displayed.

For those who want to view the service afterwards, or any previous services, the same link will display the choices for you to choose from.