January 2018 Minister's Letter

Years ago I read Wayne Dyer’s book, “When Everything Changes, Change Everything!”  The subtitle is “In a Time of Turmoil, a Pathway to Peace.”  Wow, is that ever apropos for myself and Unity of East Louisville.  Both of us on new paths in 2018 AND we’re only 10 days into the New Year!  
A quote from the book:  “Your soul’s agenda flows serenely with the larger energy of Life itself.  Life’s energy always moves toward synergy, Harmony, glorious expression, and expansion.  It seeks an experience of itself, in fullness.”  Wow again.
I feel at the deepest level that my soul, the oversoul of our spiritual community is certainly seeking expansion and an experience in fullness!  It’s evident!  It’s a dichotomous time for me – a time of celebration and gratitude, and yet a time of letting go.  Celebrating and letting go all at the same time!
I wish I could say that it has all been completely with ease and Grace, but, hey, we’re human and we have our human drama and our emotions to deal with, don’t we?  If you don’t, well I would ask, “Are you sure you’re breathing??”  While it’s all Good, and it’s all God, it can be tough.  Remember when you would complain of leg pains when you were a child and your Mom would say, “It’s only growing pains honey.  Not to worry!”  That’s what I tell myself right here and right now.  It’s only growing pains, not to worry!
I hold the Vision of a very bright future for our spiritual community and for myself. I will be moving to Lexington to be with my children and grandchildren.  It will be the first time we’ve all been in the same town since I entered ministry 23 years ago!  Two of my five grandchildren now have drivers’ licenses, so I must get over to Lexington before they all drive away to distant lands!!
I am affirmatively praying UofEL will find the right and perfect Minister for our community.  I know the work I have done there is finished, and it’s time for a new soul to come in and tend the garden.  Won’t you please join us in affirming in your own prayer time:  “We affirm and know that God is providing us with the right and perfect, super dynamic Minister!  We move through this transition process as a Sacred Fellowship with ease and Grace!”
My Celebration in Ministry will be held at the church, Sunday, January 28th following the Service.  I hope you will come and give me a goodbye hug!  Because of all of you dear ones I have enjoyed 23 years of my soul’s journey in a closer walk with God!  I am and will be, forever grateful!  God love you, I know I do!
In loving service, Rev. Carole Mahaffey
Founding Minister, Unity of East Louisville