Sunday Celebration Service - Time/Place Changes

Sunday Services, as we transition reopening with COVID-19, will be held outside (not in the building).

Also, time change from 4:30 PM to 3:30 PM.

 To be respectful of social distancing rules, please keep the following in mind:

  • Please park in the lower lot, as we will meet in the upper lot near the front of the building
  • Bring your own chair (and umbrella, just in case!)
  • Masks required. Beautiful cloth masks made by Fran Mitchum will be available for a love offering
  • Note that changes made so that restrooms will be available


NOTE: The following regular services in the building will be resumed when it is decided that they can be done safely, and the congregation is ready.

At Unity of East Louisville we refer to our Sunday services as “celebration” services because we do come together in joy and gratitude to celebrate the blessings of our eternal and unconditional relationship with God. Click for Sunday Celebration Services Podcasts.

Unity celebration services are designed to create a sacred yet joyous experience by combining uplifting music, sacred scripture, prayer and meditation, an inspiring message and fellowship. At the close of each service, the children are blessed by the congregation singing “You are walking as the light, love and joy of the world.” Each service concludes with the song, “Let There Be Peace On Earth and Let It Begin With Me.”

Following the services, everyone is invited to stay for fellowship, coffee, tea and light refreshments.

NOTE:  Due to the current closing of social gatherings due to Coronavirus, Sunday Services has been canceled.  However, Unity of Louisville church has the capability to video broadcast their Sunday services.  And thanks to the generosity of Reverend Valerie Mansfield at Unity of Louisville, we and others have been invited to attend their live broadcast on Sundays at 11:00 AM.  Their past Sunday services are available also.  Click here to view the Unity of Louisville video broadcasts.

Youth Education services (YES)

Unity of East Louisville offers a nurturing and loving experience designed to assist youth in connecting to and expressing their God-Self within.

Children are invited to classes during the service with a message and activities designed just for them. Each week, following a designated Unity curriculum, the children “study” positive and affirming lessons about God’s unconditional love and their unlimited possibilities as God’s beloveds.

Music at Unity of East Louisville

Music is an especially important part of the spiritual experience at Unity of East Louisville. It lifts our spirits, calms our soul, energizes us, and connects us to a higher consciousness.

Recognizing that music is one of the key elements of our Celebration Services, Unity of East Louisville offers only professional musicians and performers. Among the talented musicians who share their gifts with us on a regular basis are Colette Delaney, Tim Harper, John Gage, Don Watson and Pete Petersen. 

Also, with the addition of New Thought Revival Services we have an amazing annoucement. The formation of the New Unity Band (Pete Peterson, Don Watson, Tim Harper, Tim Whelen and Larry Abram)

Each of their performances is an inspirational treat for the ears and the soul.

Click to Download a sample Unity of East Louisville Bulletin