Peaceful Living

Living peacefully starts within each of us then radiates into the world. We can go within our own being mindful of the changes we create in our lives and the world. Our earth home is filled with magnificent sights, sounds and energy.  Take a moment to see the magnificent color, to breath into the deep rich scent of the season, feel the air moving all around you. Focus on peaceful beauty all around you. See it, smell it, breath it, feel it and be at peace in your life.

Peace is creating harmony and tranquility of awareness in the consciousness of life. Steadfast affirmations of peace will harmonize your whole being and open the way for healing of mind, body and spirit. Take a moment right now and affirm…I AM Peace…This affirmation begins the process of creating a peace filled life. When you are feeling rushed or anxious take a moment to center by affirming, I AM Peace silently or better yet, say it out loud because our voice is the one of the most powerful tools in shaping our consciousness. I AM Peace!

Become the observer of your thoughts, words, and action. What are you thinking about, peaceful thoughts, right? Our thoughts create our reality. What are you speaking about to yourself or others? Speaking loving kindness to yourself is so important, just as important to speaking loving kindness to others. As I said our voice is a powerful tool. We can use it as a sharp sword, or we can use it to radiate harmony.  The choice is ours.

Taking action to choose peace. Radiate peace heart to heart.  Send blessings of love and peace to all beings everywhere. Notice, I wrote all beings everywhere. This is another key to living a peaceful life. We must let go of any transgression we are carrying, period. Forgiving ourselves and others. Forgiveness starts within each of us and heals us when we can let go of the hurt, anger, and violation. When we let our actions or the actions of others to continue to fester in our life, we give our power away. When we understand from the awareness of tranquility, we let go and manifest a new way of moving through challenges. We find peace in forgiveness. Joy radiates from the center of the being.

During September 11th though 21st, Unity of East Louisville is one of the sponsors along with many other individuals and community partners joining together in the Resonant City Peace Project to send heartfelt peace into an area of our community. Our goal is to reduce crime/violence through meditation/intention. We know through past studies this is a possible effect of transcendental meditation.  

When we take time to be at peace, we can create a positive impact in our own life, our families, our communities, our city, our state and in our world. We have the power to change our life and the lives of those around us. We must act in cultivating peace for all, and it starts within. Breathe In Peace…Breathe Out Peace…


Rev. Valerie Mansfield