Finding Peace in the Chaos

Self-Compassion allows me to work through my challenges with peace in my heart. Spending time each day in prayer, meditation, contemplation, or mindfulness allows me to be. Be still and listen to my heart’s desires. Going within to prayer is a natural response for me. It is how I deal with all emotions and grief. I sit in quiet contemplation, sending love and healing energy into my body, mind, family, and the world. This is a daily practice and sometimes a moment-to-moment action.
The world seems to be in continued chaos. Pain is welling up inside many folks. The endless death and destruction of human life shows the dark times our unconscious living is creating.

On Tuesday, May 24th my grandson graduated from elementary school. I had the opportunity and pleasure to substitute teach for a few months at his school and enjoyed watching the ceremony as they begin a new journey in life. After the morning graduation my husband told me about the shooting in Texas. My first question was where? I have family with children in elementary school in Texas. It was about 150 miles from my family. I had to close my eyes, breathe, and take a moment in silence.

Later in the week, I hear about more senseless violence, two teenagers shot in the leg. The war in Ukraine continues and innocence folks are dying on both sides.  
When is the waste enough, when do we awaken to a new way of living life consciously? What do I mean by conscious living? Conscious living is being aware of my own thoughts, working through my own darkness and manifesting my own desires through positive thoughtful action and ensuring the greater good of all. I believe in standing up, in and for the greater good in the world. It is my belief that standing against something creates more adversity in our world.

When I stand for Peace for all, it begins within me. The first action I take is to continue to find peace within my being and send love into the world. We live in a world of abundance, and we can choose a different way of life. We can live in a world of justice for all people. We can support those who are suffering from mental health, trauma and help them to heal. Our children can grow up free with liberty and justice for all.

It starts within each of us. It is up to us to see the change we want in the world. Go within and find your peace. Stand up for peace in your neighborhood. Mentor peace and kindness in your family, with you friends, in your neighborhood. Join the Peace on Earth by 2030 Game, register at Connect with the Louisville POE Zone contact Suzanne De Gregorio at and join a group to begin creating a more peaceful life and world.
Change your thinking, change your life, change the world.