Power of Prayer and Possibilities Group 1

Sponsored at Unity of Louisville

This eight week program is designed to assist you in understanding prayer and creating your own daily prayer practice. These classes will meet online via Zoom.

Objectives: Participants will understand and experience the power of prayer – individually and in community with a heart-centered focus. Participants will understand and experience the power of intention as now confirmed in scientific experiments. Participants will gain a basic understanding of how science and spirituality are now being addressed as a unified concept thanks to quantum physics – and recognize the concurring concepts that Jesus put forth 2000+ years ago. Participants will understand and embrace the infinite possibilities offered to them through intention and heart-centered focus (prayer and meditation). Participants will create long-term compassionate, heart-centered groups/community

To register online please go to https://www.unityoflouisville.org/power-prayer-infinite-possibilities

You can also form your own group of family and friends, or a group of Unity family and friends, and meet on your desired dates/times.  Contact Reverend Valerie at valeriem@unityoflouisville.org.