Minister's Letter March 2017

Dear friend in Unity,
Lent is the name given to a period of fasting and abstinence in traditional Christian churches – specifically the 40 days between Ash Wednesday and Easter Sunday.  In Unity we fast using the word ‘Lent’ as an acronym – L.E.N.T.  I believe this acronym was composed by Unity Minister Eric Butterworth – “Let’s eliminate negative thinking.”  So our Lenten fast in New Thought is truly symbolic more so than physical.
As I write this, Easter Sunday is little over a month away.  It’s such a festive time of the year, almost as much as Christmas.  Growing up it was a holiday that family honored and all gathered each year to celebrate.  It was a time to show off our new Easter outfits, to share a bounteous meal and share our love with one another.  And of course, the Easter egg hunt was a focal point!
Nature has begun its renewal and with all the bursts of color and fragrance it is showing us, it’s a reminder that we can let go of our grip on past patterns of living, former conditions and begin our own renewal process.  
I invite you to join us as we celebrate the Easter season.  Experience magical moments and deep insight and inspiration here at Unity of East Louisville!  We rejoice together knowing that no matter how long or how cold any winter experience of life has been for us, Spring will come!  This is the Promise of Easter!
Good Friday Service
“The Seven Last Word”
Friday, 12 Noon, April 14, 2017
Easter Sunday Living Flower Service
“Life Springs Eternal”
Sunday, 11 a.m., April 16, 2017
In Loving Service,
Rev. Carole Mahaffey