Maryhurst Request For Help Due To Coronavirus

Maryhurst request for help due to Coronavirus

We received this following email from Mary Summers at Maryhurst updating the increased help that they could use because of the coronavirus.
May 1, 2020
Happy Sunny Friday!
We at Maryhurst hope you, your friends and loved ones continue to stay safe and healthy as we extend our efforts to be HealthyAtHome while also easing into a new normal as restrictions loosen.  Maryhurst continues to provide high quality care for our youth and families in greatest need and our staff has risen to the occasion using immense creativity to support our clients.
As we say good-bye to April, which is also Child Abuse Awareness Month, our work is showing to be ever more important.  As many of our families struggle with increased stress due to job loss, financial implications, fears over health outcomes for our essential worker families, food and housing insecurities, we have seen an uptick in the intakes for our community-based programs as well as increased reports and concerns over abuse, domestic violence, and increased drug and alcohol use in homes.  We know many of the effects of the past months are yet to be seen and our staff continues to be on the front-lines in supporting our youth and families.
Here are 5 easy ways that you can, safely and from a distance of course, continue to support the Maryhurst mission:
  • Be sure to follow/like/share our social media pages!
  • Join us for a VIRTUAL TOUR! Our first ever virtual tour will be on May 8 from 12noon-1pm via Zoom.  Sign Up Here!
  • Sign Up for the Maryhurst newsletter to stay up-to-date with everything Maryhurst.  Visit: and click "Subscribe" in the top right.
  • Donate.  Your time, talent, and treasure are vital to our mission.  Visit our website, explore the "Take Action" tab for donation drive, event, and volunteer information or choose to "Donate Now" at the top right.
  • Message ME! Send me an email and let's connect about how to best get involved, or deepen your involvement, now or in the future!
This week I leave you with a few words of encouragement from some of our young ladies at our Dorsey Lane campus who brought a little burst of color through chalk art to our campus sidewalks:
Let your day be amazing!
and Make someone smile
Hoping you have an amazing day and that someone makes you smile today!
Mary Summers

Director of Community Engagement

t - 502-271-4526 | e -


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