Maryhurst Request For Help Due To Coronavirus

Maryhurst request for help due to Coronavirus

We received an email from Mary Summers at Maryhurst requesting help because of coronavirus.  Initially, it was passed on to the Outreach committee and the board members.  However, the request is now being passed on to the rest of the congregation for those that might want to contribute.
Since Maryhurst is associated with JCPS, their school is closed for 3 weeks.  They have 65 girls at the Dorsey lane site and about 35 others involved at their community houses that that they still need to deal with.  Since, the teachers are not working, their staff is picking up the slack.  All girls are in the 13-18 physical age range.  However, there are about 20 of these that are in the 9-13 mentally equivalent range.
Tracey Adams is already handling support for the staff. Pat Mitchum is the contact for providing items for the girls. The following is the latest update from Mary Summers at Maryhurst. Please read...
In just a little over a week we have seen the world completely change how we do things.  But one thing hasn't changed - we are providing high-level care for the most in-need young people and families in our communities and your support is needed now as much as ever!
To learn more and stay updated on our COVID19 related information including needs and what we're doing to maintain safety while providing care, please visit: regularly as updates will be provided here.
With the limitations on outings, gatherings, and visitors, we are finding that we are getting to use our creativity to continue to provide engaging and enriching activities for our girls and staff.  Please consider participating in one of the following over the next couple months - these are great ways to continue to stay connected to your community in this time of social distancing and are incredible ways to provide support to our youth and our staff!
Meal Train: We are asking our supporters to help provide meals to our staff members at the cottages during this time.  We have staff sizes from 5-50 so you can choose a group to support that fits any budget.  Visit our Sign-Up Genius to choose a day/meal/location combination to support. Note: currently this runs through April 10, 2020; we will continue to expand the time-frame as the situation continues to develop.
Immediate Needs: As supplies are low throughout the community, if you are able to go out and purchase items for you and yours, please consider getting an extra for us!  A list of urgent needs and drop-off/delivery instructions can be found here:
Send us your CREATIVITY! Have you been finding creative ways to communicate with your friends, family, and colleagues?  Include us in that too! Send us videos of music, art, poetry, and activities.  As an added plus, make it teachable!  Can you create a 'how to' video for making a craft, or a fun game to play?   We'd love to see what you're up to and get our youth some new ideas and activities!
Consider Adopting A Cottage: Our Adopt a Cottage program typically consists of volunteers coming to Maryhurst cottages once a month for fun get togethers.  With the restrictions on visitors, we encourage you to Adopt a Cottage by putting together 'kits' for a cottage - a basket filled with supplies for an activity (cake decorating, movies and popcorn, board games, spa-night essentials, etc).  Add instructions, encouraging notes, anything to make it fun and mix up the usual activities!  We have a total of 9 cottages at Maryhurst so there's lots of room to share the love!
Please feel free to reach out to me with any questions or if you'd like more information about how to stay connected!
Mary Summers
Director of Community Engagement
t - 502-271-4526 | e -