King Arthur In America Presentation - Dr. Lee Pennington



In 562 AD Britain was the site of a catastrophic event—most likely a comet striking the Island country. The land was devastated. The king at the time was none other than the legendary King Arthur. King Arthur’s brother, Prince Madoc, was at the time the fleet admiral of a substantial Welsh Navy. Madoc was at sea when the comet struck and was blown totally off course and was gone for ten years.
England was mainly uninhabitable, and Arthur took his people and army into Landahl, which is now Normandy. Records say that in 572 Arthur returned to Wales, u nd he and Madoc gathered 700 ships at Milford Haven and sailed west to Anwan, “that which  is  beyond.”
Having missed Ireland, there is only one place, sailing west; they could have gone to North America!  Other records tell of King Arthur being killed in Anwan and being brought back to Wales in a celebrated voyage described in some extant manuscripts.

Lee Pennington will present compelling evidence that the Welsh records are totally correct in stating that Wales’ most famous king did indeed come to America and was killed here.
Join us for this fantastic presentation put on by Dr. Lee Pennington, Friday, April 8, at 7 pm

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