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2020 Wrap-up and Holiday break info


2020 Comes to a Close

 As we kicked off the year back in January, no one could have predicted what 2020 had in store. The impact of the coronavirus pandemic has been felt in every corner of the globe, and we know firsthand the struggles faced by our neighbors in Eastern Jefferson County. For many, this was the first time they have ever needed to ask for help. For others, the pandemic only compounded the hardships they were already facing. 
We have also seen the abundant generosity of our partner churches, businesses, and individuals who stepped up to donate and volunteer so that local families could turn to EACM when their lives were impacted by the pandemic. And thanks to CARES Act funds, EACM has distributed over $500,000 in housing assistance this year, so that families can keep a roof over their heads. 
Our staff has worked tirelessly to keep up with these needs, and we look forward to meeting head-on the challenges of 2021!

EACM Holiday break - Dec.18 - Jan. 3

   EACM closes each year for a holiday break. This year, we will close at 4pm on Thursday, Dec. 16, and will reopen on Monday, Jan. 4.
Where can people go for help during EACM's break? 
We get this question each year, and don't worry - help is still available! 
For emergency food, Dare to Care has a website where people can enter their address and find locations for emergency food pick-up.  https://daretocare.org/need-food/
For housing assistance, www.stopmyeviction.org will be active through the end of the year. 
While we don't have a partner who can provide utility assistance, EACM will be ready to hit the ground running to provide that support on January 4th! 
EACM is proudly supported by Metro Louisville