Summer 2015 Minister's Letter

Dear Friends in Unity,
When I looked at the website recently did not realize it had been so long since I 
submitted my letter!  Hoping I don’t forget again for that long!  As I write this, 
summer is waning and the school Fall term has already begun!  Einstein indicated 
time was relative so if I am to follow his wisdom, well, it’s going so fast because I 
am truly enjoying life!
One of my greatest pleasures in life is Unity of East Louisville.  Yes, it is my work, 
my profession, but it is also a source of nourishment, upliftment, support and the 
like!  So many dedicated, loving volunteers.  So many fun people who genuinely 
care about one another.  I am honored to be a part of it.
Presently, we are all very excited as we have just voted for and entering into the 
new Financial Freedom Fund.  This program is unlike our capital campaign 
of several years ago in that it is voluntary and not a pledge program.  It is a 
program that all enter freely at will – one wherein we are visioning contributions 
coming from individual members, benefactors and FUNdraising activities. 
Together we will realize our goal of retiring the money we owe on the church 
mortgage.  A benefactor approached me just a few days after I had received the 
guidance in meditation to hold a “mortgage burning ceremony.”  While my little 
self was arguing this was nearly impossible, my greater Self answered the phone 
and heard the voice of the benefactor on the other end say, “I want to help the 
church retire the mortgage debt – I will pay half if the church raises the other 
half of what is owed!”  Folks, this is what miracles are made of!  It’s certainly 
a God thing.  
I ask that you support us in any way you can to realize this God-goal, and if all 
you are able to do is to pray with us, well, that is powerful and we welcome your 
prayers!  Hold us in the Light of all that is POSSIBLE.  Our scripture for this 
program is:  “Fear not little flock, for it is God’s good pleasure to give you the 
Kingdom!”  We have abandoned fear and welcomed possibilities at UofEL!  
Won’t you join us?  

Rev. Carole